Portland’s 21st century economy needs innovation-driven, high wage jobs within growth businesses that can support our expanding population. Finding and keeping those jobs will determine the fate of the city’s middle class. Share your thoughts and we’ll report to you our and others’ efforts to meet this challenge.

Threats foreseen to Portland’s ideal future

Is Portland's future sunny or stormy?

Is Portland’s future sunny or stormy?

Portland’s future hinges on seven critical components, voted KPL members who attended our May meeting. They range from the city’s parks and scenic views to its public schools.

For each topic, Tim and I have listed current strengths and weaknesses (our parks are spectacular but underfunded) and upcoming threats and opportunities (increasing damage from storms, but chances to extend our trail system). We also consider how Keep Portland Livable can help thwart the threats and exploit the opportunities. Continue Reading →

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An economic study hints at Portland’s altered future

Portland's housing costs relative to household income are going up again, now that the recession is over.

Portland’s housing costs relative to household income are going up again, now that the recession is over.

Today’s headline was an attention grabber: “Portland economy losing ground at ‘alarming’ rate, study shows. The facts, as is usual in any story about economics, were a lot grayer, less clearcut than anything a headline writer could craft. But they contained storm clouds. Continue Reading →

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How can Portland best shape its future?

By Michael Mertaugh

My wife and I moved to Portland recently from the Washington DC area, where I worked for twenty-five years as an economist at the World Bank.  We were attracted to Portland because of its spectacular natural setting, its respect for its rich architectural heritage, and the quality-of-life features that are responsible for its consistent high ranking among America’s most livable cities.  To us, Portland embodies a rare combination of small-town ambiance combined with big-city amenities (culture, parks, restaurants, etc.) and the lovingly preserved architectural reminders of its seafaring past. Continue Reading →

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