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Our great home of Portland, Maine, is facing a tidal wave of development – from Bayside to the waterfront to inland districts – that will determine the city’s character and livability for coming generations.

As a concerned group of more than 600 Portland residents and taxpayers, we are raising the community’s voice in our city’s redevelopment. The alternative directions for Portland in the 21st century are clear: vibrant and walkable mixed-income neighborhoods that extend Portland’s special charm, provide good jobs, and offer homes for working families…..or, a hollowed out town for tourists and the wealthy, marred by massive mega-projects that diminish our quality of life.

Our first challenge: to significantly change or halt the massive development proposed for Bayside called Midtown. Its four 14-story towers and two drab parking garages will wall off Portland’s peninsula.  This upscale calamity repeats the mistakes of 1960s and 1970s urban redevelopment, violates countless city ordinances, and goes against the community-inspired New Vision for Bayside, which the city has failed to support.

That’s why we, Peter Monro and Tim Paradis, have worked with Bayside residents and landowners to appeal the city’s Planning Board approval of this misguided project. Please explore this website to learn why the Midtown Towers are a very bad deal for Portland and to learn about a better way forward. Donate to support the legal appeal.

Now that Midtown is in the courts, we’ll be speaking up on many more development projects in the works or on the horizon.  We will be working to inform you about whether these building projects transform us into a 21st Century city still noteworthy for visiting, living and doing business in.

We intend KeepPortlandLivable.com to serve as a digital hub – your one-stop shopping for information about issues that will affect you and the future physical shape and social and economic landscape of our city. Click here to join our e-mail list.


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